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Skinsavvy Aesthetics and Laser
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Green Peel

The Green Peel Peeling treatment is medically developed biologically based method with natural plant ingredients. This peeling treatment is purely biologically based on natural plants to achieve the desired treatment. The Green Peel Treatment you can work with different skin types , for every age with three different treatment options.

The Green Peel herbal compound consists of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins , phytohoromones ,enzymes , mineral salts and trace elements .The Green peel Herbal compound consists of natural herbs,


Water horsetail


Aloe vera







The Green Peel treatment is with all the natural herbs and you can see drastic change in skin condition just after a one treatment. The green peel works for acne,blemishes,pigmentation,scars,wrinkles. It is a perfect treatment option for any skin condition.

Green Peel Fresh Up....$190/ 60 minutes
Green Peel Energy....$390/ 60 minutes + Post Care 45 minutes (After 3 days)
Green Peel Classic....$550/ 60 minutes + Post Care 45 minutes (After 5 days)